Top 8 Cartoons to Watch When Learning French

Recently, the French language has again begun to gain popularity among polyglots. It is often chosen as a third or second language. No wonder – French is one of the 10 most common languages. If you have already started learning French and translate english to french, then you have definitely come across the fact that the French have a specific style of conversation. Therefore, audio resources are very important in learning.

Perhaps you have already got acquainted with some French podcasts or in the evenings you play the romantic songs of Lara Fabian … But we want to advise you in addition to audio resources – video resources. So, we will talk about cartoons in French. This is a great solution for both beginners and those who are already familiar with French. Cartoons are always clear, understandable speech, consisting of simple sentences, which is exactly what you need to study. Well, let’s start…


One of the most popular animated series in France. The main characters of the cartoon are the quick-witted reporter Tintin and his dog named Milu. The heroes travel the world, solving mysteries and getting into all sorts of trouble with their friends. The animated series will help you with vocabulary and pronunciation.


The protagonist of the animated series is the boy Titef, who is trying to get the attention of the girl Nadia, who is very sympathetic to him. Titeuf is a funny cartoon that will introduce you to French slang.


The well-known series of cartoons about the Gallic warriors Asterix and Obelix, who defend their village from Julius Caesar. The cartoon had and has wide popularity in France, so the whole series is wonderfully voiced.


Animated series based on the book by the French writer of Russian origin Sofia Rostopchina. The action takes place in an old castle, where the mischievous little girl Sophie constantly gets into trouble, from which her friends help her get out. The dialogues here are simple and clear.


A series of cartoons about the life of the elephant Babar, who becomes king. A fascinating animated series that will help develop vocabulary and translate english to hindi.


The cartoon tells about the boy Nicholas, about his friends, school life and adventures. Le petit Nicolas is full of educational terms, so it will be useful for schoolchildren.


The protagonist is a French illusionist Tatisheff with a fading talent, who is revived by a country girl, Alice. The cartoon contains interesting language techniques that will be more interesting for an adult audience.


No less famous cartoon about the adventures of little blue creatures, the Smurfs, who protect their village from the evil wizard Gargamel. You have probably already watched The Smurfs in Russian, so watching in French will be easier to understand.

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