Interesting facts about foreign languages

As you know, English including telugu to english is considered one of the most common and easy languages. BUT! Recently, English linguists have found out that English is the most difficult of the European languages. In any case, it is the most difficult to learn to read on it. Children of other nations learn to read and write on average in a year, and little Englishmen need two and a half years for this.

And the easiest language, it turns out, is considered Finnish. On it, the sound of all letters is always the same – as it is heard, it is written. Although its grammar is much more complicated than English – there are 15 cases alone.

National flags of world countries around Earth globe isolated on white

The great prevalence of the English language is not explained by its alleged ease, but by a historical accident. It’s just that the English-speaking countries have been the most successful in politics, economics and science over the past one and a half to two centuries, and therefore the language has become widespread. In general, Europe is home to only 4% of all world languages.

For many centuries, disputes have been introduced as to which language is the most difficult in the world. So now officially in the world it is considered the most difficult language – Abaza.

The shortest alphabet in the world among the natives of the island of Bougainville – only 11 letters. In second place is the Hawaiian alphabet – there are 12 letters.

The longest alphabet in the world is Cambodian. It has 74 letters.

In Chinese, the character for “difficulty or trouble” is depicted as two women under one roof.

There are 4 words in English that can’t rhyme with: month, orange, silver, and purple. And the oldest word in English is “town”.

In most languages ​​of the world, the word “mother” begins with the letter “M”. By the way, the oldest letter in the world is O.

E is the most common letter of the English alphabet, Q is the least used. By the way, in fact, there is no Latin letter W in the Latin alphabet.

The most capacious word on Earth is “mamihlapinatana”, which means “to look at each other in the hope that someone will agree to do what both parties want, but do not want to do.”

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